Platinum IT Solutions
Platinum IT Solutions
Platinum IT Solutions is a tech company established in 2009, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and incorporated as a private limited investment company, Obeychir Investments in 2011. What started as a small personal project operating from a small, sublet corner, has since grown into a credible innovative IT Company that serves not only Zimbabwe but even the greater part of Southern Africa;
We remain committed to our founding goal; i.e to supply leading edge Information Systems and Services, in the quest to eventually help steer Africa into a dispensation where it will not only consume, but become a leading technology innovator and inventor.
Platinum IT Solutions vision
Our Vision
We will be the leading force,
powering the world with leading edge Information and Communication
Technologies and Solutions.
Platinum IT Solutions mission
Our Mission
We Devote to always supply leading edge Information Technology Solutions
to all desiring clients at affordable, competitive rates, ensuring indiscriminate distribution channels,
reaching out to all sections of the market regardless of status, abilities or location.
Who we are
We are one of Africa's most innovative Information Technology Solutions Providers,
we offer a wide range of tech solutions designed and packaged to cater for both corporate and personal market needs.
We are Computer System Sales & Support specialists, with a great work records since 2009. We renowned for Creative leading edge
Web Solutions such as Website Design Solutions, Digital Design & Advertising amongst others.
We are
market trendsetters
As technology trendsetters we always invest resources in identifying trends and creating a fresh perspective of what every single client we work with delivers to their clients
We are
Solution Providers
Our Tech experience has for years been key in our quest to always deliver custom solutions to diverse market challenges and opportunities
We Are
Creative Tech-Innovators
We deliver solutions that are built from the world's leading technology tools and platforms so as to ensure quality, guaranteed delivery always.
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Platinum IT Solutions
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